Willow Springs top 40 time attack cars

Updated 11/2016, class records in bold.

01 – 1:18.555 – Billy Johnson – FXMD NSX – U-RWD – RTA 2009
02 – 1:18.742 – Mark Jager – Jager Racing STI – U-AWD – RTA 2016
03 – 1:19.317 – Jeff Westphal – GST Impreza – U-AWD – GTA 2011
04 – 1:20.210 – Cole Powelson – Lyfe Motorsports GTR – U-AWD – GTA 2014
05 – 1:20.454 – Jonathan Bomarito – SSE EVO – U-AWD – RTA 2009
06 – 1:20.838 – Tyler McQuarrie – C-West S2000 – U-RWD – RTA 2009
07 – 1:22.097 – Tarzan Yamada – Crawford STI – U-AWD – RTA 2009
08 – 1:22.312 – Chris Rado – World Racing Scion – U-FWD – GTA 2011
09 – 1:22.591 – Russ Warr – LIC Motorsports STi – U-AWD – Subiefest 2009
10 – 1:22.647 – Cody Kishel – Z06 Corvette – M-RWD – GTA 2014
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This week in videos

Well I certainly have been lazy about getting new posts up on here. I suppose that happens when you start a business to try to make money. Anyhow, it’s spring and that means more motorsports. In the last few weeks we have had Global Time Attack’s season opener and Buttonwillow, some NASA race weekends, Formula D, and the LBGP. Formula D means my favorite drifting-related-web-video-series, Behind the Smoke, is back at it again. Ok that might actually be the only drifting related web video series but anyway here is the newest episode:

Up next is a short video from Ryan Upham’s NASA season debut:

Unfortunately this year has not been great for Ryan and after a long delay in getting suspension parts he suffered a catastrophic engine failure at the event. If anyone has an EVO shortblock sitting around I’m sure he would be interested.

Speaking of engine failures, Christian Rado had a pretty good one last weekend in the FWing Scion 2.0 and caught it on video:

Results from the event are up on Global Time Attack’s website here:

From what I hear it was incredibly hot out and that combined with the first event of the season where teams have many untested and incomplete changes meant neither GST Motorsports or FXMD were able to come close to the track record or their previous best times. GST is back to their all black color scheme, and has a new rear-mount radiator setup:

photo by Sportcar Motion

Despite the conditions, Berk Technology was able to set new Street and Limited RWD records in their 135i thanks to some new Aero parts, the new Hankook Ventus TD, and Carl Rydquist:

photo by Sportcar Motion

Sportcar Motion has a ton of great pictures of the event on their facebook page so I suggest heading over there to check them out.

things you should know about knock off parts

I’ve been following a thread on the Subaru forums for a couple weeks now about a guy who bought a header from a company called Batlground Motorsports in Atlanta. While Batlground claims that this header is their own production, it appears to be made by a place called privatelabelmfg, which may or may not actually be the same people.

Here’s a picture of the header:

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NASIOC’s Top Scoob – race car edition

Top Scoob is a monthly contest put on by the member’s car gallery section of the NASIOC Subaru forums. Normally I don’t pay it too much attention because that particular section has a lot of people who are more into looks than performance, to put things nicely. This month is a bit of an exception because it’s for race cars only, with a mix of privately owned and shop cars from all over the world. If you’re a member, I’d suggest heading over there to vote for your favorite Subaru race car. Here’s a breakdown of the entrants:

Tony Wisenhahn / Turn in Concepts:

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