Top Times at Buttonwillow CW13

Yeah, I know I have the top 40 already, but that leaves out many of slower categories and class records. So here are the top 5 in each class. Some of them go way back

Unlimited AWD

1 – 1:38.967 – Jeff Westphal – GST Impreza – 11/14/14 SLB
2 – 1:40.051 – Andy Smedegard – Gridlife / RSMotors Evo – 11/10/14 SLB
3 – 1:40.417 – Cole Powelson – Lyfe Motorsports GTR – 11/14/14 SLB
4 – 1:41.046 – David Empringham – Sierra Sierra EVO – 11/9/10 SLB
5 – 1:41.309 – Mark Jager – Jager Racing/ Yimisport STI – 11/11/16 SLB
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New records at GTA Superlap Battle 2016

SLB was another good one this year and there are some new track records, here they are

Street AWD
new record: 1:49.864 – Cody Miles – Airlift STI
old record: 1:50.206 – Jager Racing sti

Limited FWD
new: 1:49.834 – Chris Boersma – Boersma Racing Civic
old: 1:51.789 – Will Au-Young – PZ Tuning RSX

Unlimited FWD
new: 1:43.365 – Will Au-Yeung – PZ Tuning RSX
old: 1:45.585 – Dai Yoshihara – Spoon Sports Civic

Full results can be found here on the GTA website

All track records have been updated here

GTA Superlap Battle 2015 unofficial results

Been watching facebook and the live feeds and here’s what I’ve come up with. New records in bold.

Unlimited RWD:

01 – 1:41.925 – Cody Kishel – Corvette Z06
02 – 1:45.541 – Graham Downey – Blacktrax Honda S2000
03 – 1:49.958 – Tom Tang – Honda S2000
04 – 1:57.468 – Danny George – Mazda Miata
EX – 1:56.700 – Ryan Novak – Ferrari 360

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Buttonwillow time attack track records

Updated for 2017

Unl RWD: 1:37.520* – Billy Johnson – FXMD NSX – 12/8/13 ETA
Unl AWD: 1:38.967 – Jeff Westphal – GST Impreza – 11/14/14 SLB
Unl FWD: 1:42.288 – James Haughton – K-tuned Lavigne Integra – 11/10/17 SLB

Ltd RWD: 1:44.456 – Cody Kishel – Excelsior Corvette – 11/14/14 SLB
Ltd AWD: 1:42.694 – Jeff Westphal – Pro Awesome EVO – 11/12/15 SLB
Ltd FWD: 1:48.424 – Chris Boersma – Boersma Racing Civic – 11/10/17 SLB

Str RWD: 1:48.802 – Tony Fuentes – Honda S2000 – 11/12/15 SLB
Str AWD: 1:49.353 – Markos Mylonas – Snail Performance WRX – 11/10/17 SLB
Str FWD: 1:52.122 – Chris Boersma – Boersma Racing Civic – 11/14/14 SLB

Ent RWD: 1:55.518 – Dom Bautista – Honda S2000 – 11/12/15 – SLB
Ent AWD: 1:56.325 – Craig Peyron – Outlaw STI – 11/14/13 SLB
Ent FWD: 2:01.314 – Pradana Wilianto – Godspeed CSX – 11/14/13 SLB

*some people don’t like that FX did it at an extreme speed time attack event instead of SLB/GTA or RTA. Their next fastest time is 1:40.379 at SLB 2012, which would also be a URWD record.

Unlimited Class at Superlap Battle

Unlimited Class is where the shops, race teams, and manufacturers go to see who can set the fastest overall lap time, with very few rules- basically, it has to be a car with a vin number (no track day specials like a radical), and depending on the event you may have to use a DOT approved tire. Way back in 2007 Nob Taniguchi took the HKS EVO out for a 1:43.523, which really kicked off the unlimited class arms race. Sierra Sierra Enterprises built their EVO and Factor X upgraded the NSX with the goal of re-taking the record. SSE finally beat that time in 2010 (1:41.046), only to have it taken away by Factor X the next year. FXMD is the current overall record holder, with a time of 1:37.520 they set last year. Right now I’d say there are very few cars capable of beating that time, and most of them are overseas. Well, that’s enough history for now, here’s what happened this year: Continue reading

SLB x GTA Limited Class Recap

This year SLB had a great turnout in Limited class, with a good mix of new cars and familiar faces, including the return of Professional Awesome to time attack with a newly built EVO after a bad crash last year.

In front wheel drive, Tim Kuo has reigned supreme in the Sportcar Motion Integra, having won SLB and reset the record three years straight. This year William Au-Yeung of PZtuning brought an Acura RSX all the way from Ontario, Canada, and the results came down to less than 2/10 of a second. Both cars beat the existing record of 1:52.886, and Au-Yeung took the win with a time of 1:51.789. I kind of like the LMP style fin:


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Three New Street Class Records at GTA x SLB Finals

Last week’s Super Lap Battle saw plenty of records fall, some of them years old. In street  front wheel drive, Ken Suen improved his previous time of 1:58.9 set at a Redline event in 2013 with a 1:55.602, driving the “hellahellafunctional” Godspeed/Sportcar Motion Big Red Honda Civic:

photo by Kyle Lewis

Only three other street FWD cars have ever gone sub-2:00 in a time attack event, with Clint Boisdeau holding the previous record of 1:59.0 in his Ford Focus for two years until Ken came along. Continue reading