Resource Center

Here’s an index of technical articles on the site plus some links to handy tech information I’ve found over the years:

Things you should know
…about coolant
…about suspension bushings
…about ride height
…about anti-lag
…about knockoff parts
…about coilovers

Subaru Shifter FAQ

Other useful information
King Engine Bearings tech section
Garrett Turbo Tech
Garrett White Papers
Borg-Warner EFR Match-Bot
Stoptech White Papers
Cobb Tuning tech articles
Not 2 Fast – lots of neat tech info here
Whiteline ALK A – How an anti-lift kit really works
Whiteline ALK B
Autocross to Win – great site about auto-x and dampers by Dennis Grant
Subaru long rod math
Basic article on airflow through the front end:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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