NASIOC’s Top Scoob – race car edition

Top Scoob is a monthly contest put on by the member’s car gallery section of the NASIOC Subaru forums. Normally I don’t pay it too much attention because that particular section has a lot of people who are more into looks than performance, to put things nicely. This month is a bit of an exception because it’s for race cars only, with a mix of privately owned and shop cars from all over the world. If you’re a member, I’d suggest heading over there to vote for your favorite Subaru race car. Here’s a breakdown of the entrants:

Tony Wisenhahn / Turn in Concepts:

Nick Rice (nickrice20):


Brody Hamblin (bhamblin):



Taylor Koby D “subykid” Wilson:


LIC Motorsports:



JC Meynet (mxpop):

For more details on all the cars and to vote head over to this thread on the Subaru forums:

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