The upcoming Toyobaru

Here’s the new Subaru/Toyota 2-door:

I’ve been following the news on it, and have made a couple of guess about compatibility with current Subaru parts:

1. There might not be enough room between the firewall and engine for the standard Subaru turbo setup.

2. The new front mount turbo arrangement in the LGT will probably work.

3. Hopefully the bellhousing bolt pattern and clutch setup are the same as on a Subaru to make the blocks compatible. The FB in the Forester with the older transmission gives me hope on this issue.

4. Rear suspension is identical to that of the 08+ Impreza and 10+ Legacy, including the crossmember and diff mounting

5. Front suspension looks similar to the current Subarus, although the steering rack is behind the wheels.

6. Power steering looks electric

7. Uses standard Subaru rear brakes and caliper mounting for the 08+, and the front 2-pots look identical to what’s on the current wrx. Other front Subaru brakes (i.e. brembos) should bolt right on, although the are on the leading side of the rotor so you would have to swap the bleeders to the other side (not an issue with fhi 4-pots because they don’t have staggered piston sizes).

8. Wheel bolt pattern is 5×100

Here’s a gallery of pictures:

oh, and here’s the GT300 car:

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