Hey everyone, this is hellafunctional. You won’t find slammed cars with wheels that don’t fit on here. You will find plenty of actual track cars and racing content.

7 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Interesting concept for a blog. For some the hella flush look is perfectly functional for what they use it for (ie just daily driving).

    I personally feel the stance/wheelfitment should suit the car and your desired application.

    Bookmarked your blog so I can follow along.

  2. so is this blog to hate against others who don’t share the same views as you? I was reading the “about hellafunctional” tab and it seems like this hellaflush thing really bothers you. Over here in Japan, most our daily driven and track cars are BOTH flush and functional. I guess you guys over in the states are different.

  3. well, have you read the rest of the blog? Does any of the content “hate” on hellaflush? Have you seen the hellaflush/fatlace website?

    And if you really think flush is functional, you should read up on things like bump travel, roll center, and scrub radius.

  4. You’re quite a character while you indirectly do “hate” on hellaflush you also try to make this site valid for that reason. Get a life.

  5. Why not be original, instead of playing off of someone elses name? You have branded this a hatersite for that reason. Ghey and un-original non-concept.

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