Scott’s time attack STi

Scott VanderHeide is perhaps the most sponsored man in street class. Off the top of my head there’s aem, fp, robispec, hbspeed, snow performance, act, ast, motul, subtle, cosworth, enkei, toyo, and of course, jamalspec. As you can see from the following pictures, Scott is running low on sticker space, and I’m surprised he can even see out the windshield:

Clearly I’m going to have go and take some pictures my self if I want anything high-res. Anyway…

Scott races his 05 STi which has, as you may have guessed, a fairly long list of parts. Motor parts by cosworth. turbo is an HTA green. With water injection and 100-octane fuel that’s good for almost 450 wheel horsepower.

Putting the power to the ground and keeping this 3500lb fatty on the track are Toyo RA-1s and a set of new AST 2-way shocks with external reservoirs. Helping keep the car flat are 27mm whiteline swaybars and a roll center adjuster. The immediate future plans for this car are to lose weight and sort out a few power delivery issues. After barely making it through the last event due to exhaust leaks and boost control issues, it’s due for some new gaskets and more time on the dyno. Additionally, the oil cooler core must be replaced due to an unacceptable loss in pressure. Some new gauges from AEM will also be installed to keep a better eye on operating conditions out in the very hot track conditions experienced in Southern California.

2 thoughts on “Scott’s time attack STi

  1. i think this picture better depicts the term low on sticker space.

    as you can see the doors and side skirts have sponsor roll calls as well. the car usually sits lower than in this pic and as you can see it is registered as well although i as the plate implies i doubt any use on the local streets. it truly is an amazing car and it blew me away the first time i saw it.

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