The GST L is back. And it’s BAD

Mike from GST just posted a photoshoot of the new 2011 car. Highlights include a chopped top, some revised aero, weight loss, and a slight drivetrain relocation. To top it off, rumors have it this L is taking the trip to Australia later this year to compete at the World Time Attack, and in the meantime the GST crew will be gunning for Sierra Sierra’s 1:41.01 record lap at Buttonwillow CW13. I expect one of the first appearances by this car will be at the inaugural Global Time Attack event at Willow Springs May 22nd.

2 thoughts on “The GST L is back. And it’s BAD

  1. HELLAFUNCTIONAL this car is pure automotive porn for the true enthusiast. no silly hellaflush, no BS parts, this is all business.

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