Willow Springs Top 20 Time Attack Cars

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I tracked down all the time attack results since 2007 thanks to Mike Bonnani (you got BONNANIED!) who’s in charge of the course records section on the time attack forums and has kept impeccable records since the start of time attack in the US. Nik Malechikos of Redline also provided me with all the records he has personally and on the redline website, so now I have everything I need to make make lists of all the fastest times put down in Time Attack. I’m visualizing a database that you can search by track, date, driver, class, etc, but until that’s done here’s another top 20 list, this time from Willow Springs International Raceway. Like before I’ve omitted all but the fastest time put down by a specific time, with one exception where the LIC car ran in unlimited class with a different driver at subiefest a few years ago and got itself pretty far up the list, even though it’s normally a mod car.

1 – 1:18.555 – Billy Johnson – FXMD NSX – U-RWD – RTA 2009
2 – 1:20.454 – Jonathan Bomarito – SSE EVO – U-AWD – RTA 2009
3 – 1:20.759 – Jeff Westphal – GST Impreza – U-AWD – RTA 2010
4 – 1:20.838 – Tyler McQuarrie – C-West S2000 – U-RWD – RTA 2009
5 – 1:22.097 – Tarzan Yamada – Crawford STI – U-AWD – RTA 2009
6 – 1:22.591 – Russ Warr – LIC Subaru – U-AWD – Subiefest 2009
7 – 1:22.623 – Chris Rado – FWD Scion U-FWD – RTA 2009
8 – 1:22.744 – Joey Scarillo – Group A GTO – U-RWD – CB 2011
9 – 1:23.300 – Tim Kuo – Evasive EVO – U-AWD – RTA 2009
10 – 1:23.488 – Brian Lock – Cobb GTR – M-AWD – RTA 2010
11 – 1:23.527 – Gary Sheehan – Fontana 350Z – U-RWD – CB 2011
12 – 1:24.010 – JC Meynet – AQ Motorsports STI – M-AWD – Subiefest 2010
13 – 1:24.062 – Lou Gigliotti – LG WC Corvette – U-RWD – CB 2011
14 – 1:24.533 – Paul Brown – K&N G35 – U-RWD – RTA 2011
15 – 1:25.277 – Christian Miller – 034 Audi – M-AWD – RTA 2010
16 – 1:25.336 – Trent Choi – Touge Factory EVO – U-AWD – RTA 2010
17 – 1:25.779 – Cort Wagner – Fontana GTR – U-AWD – CB 2011
18 – 1:26.506 – Ryan Gates – Gates 311 EVOX – M-AWD – RTA 2010
19 – 1:26.815 – Thomas Smith – Zenkai/Crawford STI – ?-AWD – Subiefest 2010
20 – 1:27.641 – James Elterman – Takata/LIC Subaru – M-AWD – RTA 2010
21 – 1:27.709 – Dez Ballard – ABF/Hankook Mini – U-FWD – RTA 2010 Paul Walker battle

The Factor X NSX and Sierra Sierra EVO are once again at the top of the list, although at WSIR the NSX is the fastest car. Global Time Attack has their first event at Willow Springs May 22nd, and I think both cars will be there. It will be really interesting to see who comes out on top. There’s also a question mark next to Thomas Smith’s time in the Zenkai Subaru because I’m not sure if he was RTA street or mod class legal at the event. I’ve also included all the Circuit Battles cars at this event although I won’t be counting them toward Firebird raceway times. Cal Speedway is next and I can’t wait to see how the cones change position over the course of the weekend.

Okay I made some slight changes after receiving some feedback. Firstly Dez Ballard informed me that he turned a 1:27.709, and then when I was going through the old results I noticed that I missed the 1:25.779 done by Cort Wagner during the recent Circuit battles. So, since I originally missed it and have the LIC car on the list twice I went ahead and put #21 spot on for Dez and now he owes me strippers. Plus he’s the second fastest FWD so that must get him points for something, right? Another interesting side note is that Mike Cronin Jr. has times in both the Fontana 350Z and GTR to put him on the list, but in his absence at the recent redline event he was bumped off by his substitute drivers Gary Sheehan and Cort Wagner. Gary has turned times in the GST L and Rado’s FWD Scion to earn him spots on the list, and so has Thomas Smith in the Crawford STI.

3 thoughts on “Willow Springs Top 20 Time Attack Cars

  1. From my recollection, he was using RS3’s at that event. I’m sure you can contact him and see what the details were but I think his car pretty much falls under Street if he was running the RS3’s.

  2. Yeah I know he was on RS3s, but I think they may have been 265 plus I’m not sure he met the rta street ride height, splitter length, interior parts, etc. requirements.

  3. We didn’t have a driver change. Dr. Russ Warr was our driver all year for the 2009 race season. We were in mod trim but were in the unlimited class per subiefest rules, which allowed use of any tire. We ran toyo R888 throughout the day as well as hankook C91’s to lay our winning lap. There was no driver change ever, only a tire change

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