Speedventures Time Attack Round 1

This month we’ve had the first two time attack events of the year. One being Redline Track Events (not just time attack anymore) on the 5-6th, and then Speedventures Time Attack the following weekend. Redline has decided that instead of just a weekend of time attack, they would have two wheel-to-wheel series’ (motoiq challenge and Lotus Cup), and then “Circuit Battles” racing. Their Pro Time Attack now just consists of two Sunday morning sessions, and I’m sorry to report the field was pretty empty. 19 total cars, with no-shows in some classes and many of the big names in time attack absent. Half the motoiq field was motoiq writers, and I didn’t really watch the lotus cup, or skittles race (fruit loops?) as a friend joked. Circuit Battles seemed to be an interesting concept but didn’t have that full hand-picked 16 car field they mentioned in the press releases. It should be fun to watch on TV next weekend in any case.

Since Redline is putting most of their effort into the new events, Speedventures is now left with handling the Time Attack events, and they recently had the first one. While the turnout for the weekend was great, not everyone was actually part of the time attack as it was run during a regular track day.

I caught a ride up to Buttonwillow for the weekend with my friend Ryan, who was driving his turbo S2000 in mod RWD. It’s a pretty nice car and I’ll likely be doing an in depth article about it in the near future:

The main reason I was there was the AQ Motorsports STI:

This Subaru makes 650-700whp depending on the boost settings and is capable of going well under 1:50 at Buttonwillow on modified class Toyo R888 tires. The important thing for the weekend was to test the new aero work to the front end and make sure the car was in peak running condition for the upcoming Modified Mag Tuner Shootout. We ran a grand total of about 8 laps with the fastest one clocking in at 1:51.1. It’s a little off the regular pace but the car ran great and we’re looking forward to getting one of those new GTX35R turbos from Garrett.

My friend Charlie of Top Setup was there Saturday for the Honda Challenge but unfortunately wound up with a headgasket leak and had to miss Sunday’s event:

He’s got a nice sticker and we’ll be seeing more of that CRX on here:

Here’s Roger Hocking, last year’s Enthusiast AWD champion:

Clint Boisdeau put some NT01s on his normally street class Ford Focus to race a Mini that was trash talking on the Time Attack Forums.

The Mini owner should probably not have said anything, having spent most of the day broken and then switching to slicks to chase the “Minis only” record of 2:00.something. Slicks bump cars up to unlimited class. In case you were wondering, here are some notable FWD times at Buttonwillow:

Chris Rado, World Racing Scion – 1:46.7
John Heinricy, GM Performance Cobalt – 1:51.3
Tage Evanson, Hasport Civic – 1:51.6
Katsuyuki Hiranaka, 5Zigen civic – 1:53.4
Charles Ryhu, Top Setup CRX – 1:53.5

Matt Andrews, AMB/FXMD Eclipse – 1:55.3
Tim Kuo, Sportcar Motion Civic – 1:55.9
Tage Evanson, Hasport Civic – 1:56.1

Doug Wind, Dodge Neon – 2:00.2
Clint Boisdeau, Ford Focus – 2:01.6

Moving on…

Matt Dennison was there and won Street AWD in his evo:

There was a whole assortment of other EVOs there:

Hellafunctional stickers seem to be popping up everywhere:

Andrew Kidd’s turbo Miata which was unfortunately unable to compete Sunday:

A pretty ridiculous BMW which was the 2nd fastest car there behind the Subaru:

And here are some cars lined up for a session:

All in all not a bad event, but it was much more of a track day than a Time Attack. There were plenty of missing teams, and something of a lack of competition in the faster classes.

Here are the results:

Enthusiast AWD
1. R.Hocking – 2:02.085
2. Sean Grant – 2:08.134
3. Darryllee Divina – 2:08.633
4. Ferdie Ang – 2:09.242
5. Robert Colaizzi – 2:14.002
6. Ann Ratliff – 2:20.853

Enthusiast FWD
1. Patrick J. Cruz – 2:10.410

Enthusiast RWD
1. Kaz Saegusa – 2:08.832
2. Hammad Shah – 2:10.650
3. Attila Reisz – 2:11.109
4. Bob Michaels – 2:11.223
5. Nick Crooks – 2:11.562
6. Patrick Neuburg – 2:15.230
7. Josh Henley – 2:17.411

Street AWD
1. Matt Dennison – 2:01.876
2. Mauricio Calderon – 2:03.409
3. taiwaneseman – 2:05.216

Street FWD
1. Michael Hernandez – 2:08.774

Street RWD
1. Ricky Kwan – 2:04.742
2. Mike Jackson – 2:14.012
3. Toby Robles – 2:14.102

1. JC Meynet – 1:51.156
2. Yuren Chu – 2:01.173
3. Brandon Heller- 2:09.992
4. Jesse Rooker – 2:10.969
5. Alvin Tolosa – 2:15.350

1. Clint Boisdeau – 2:00.671
2. Jan Brueggemann – 2:01.188
3. paul b16a – 2:03.578
4. blackciviccoupe – 2:03.656
5. Muffy Motorhead – 2:12.801
6. BwaaaAAAAH – 2:12.847

1. Gordon Jennings – 1:58.457
2. Ryan Novak – 1:58.919
3. Jim Tway – 2:00.768
4. Robert Cumberland – 2:01.185
5. PandazRX-7 – 2:09.030
6. Todd Victoria – 2:13.428
A driver listed as Ron Jeremy also went 1:56.408 in the S2k but his time did not count because drivers are not allowed in more than one car.

So the first problem with the results is that I have no idea who the sponsors, cars or even drivers are in some cases. Hopefully I can get more of this information from the drivers and speedventures for the next event to give some credit.

I’m going to collect all the past results from Redline Time Attack, Superlap battle, and some NASA days to start a database of results, records, and top times at the popular time attack events. Redline seems to have removed everything from their website, which is quite the hindrance to those drivers looking to show results to potential sponsors.

You can find more info about Speedventures Time Attack here

3 thoughts on “Speedventures Time Attack Round 1

  1. Nice writeup :-)

    In addition to the above list, there were a few BMWs and Ferraris participating in their own Speed Ventures “Challenge” races as well as the usual HPDE guys. Not sure how those results played out tho…

    WOW! Who knew the Hedghog could drive so fast…?

    BTW, that Audi in the header appears to be RWD, at least at that moment ;-)

  2. Hey AQ motorsports moved next to that ‘fantastic burgers’, right? I just remembered that next door was this motorcycle shop that had some nice bikes.

    So you mention this is going to be on TV?

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