Subiefest 2010 with AQ Motorsports

Subiefest was a little over a month ago at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA. In case you couldn’t already tell, it’s a Subaru related thing. I was there with AQ Motorsports and JC Meynet for the time attack, and it turned out to be an incredibly busy day.

High horsepower time attack cars tend to be pretty finicky and require a lot of attention. Subiefest was no exception and we were all busy chasing slight issues all day. A slight stutter and misfire developed in the morning which was fixed by our tuner Shawn Church of Church Automotive. However, were were still not hitting boost targets (~30 psi), and suddenly there was oil covering the left side of the intake manifold. Two sessions later I found that a charge pipe had cracked. On top of this, our air-oil separator, which recirculated to the turbo inlet, was feeding a significant amount of oil into the engine. A quick fix of the pipe and an aquafina bottle as a secondary catch can had us making full boost of 32 psi, and on fresh tires were were ready to take a crack at the Cobb GTR’s modified class record of 1:23.5. However, it was not to be as this video will show:

The car ended up parked in a somewhat awkward position on a berm:

Could have been much worse considering JC went off at 120+ mph in turn 9 at big willow.
The cause of the accident was a cracked suspension upright:

The partial cause of this was our ball joint extenders, which are used to correct the suspension geometry of this very low car. We’ve also had to notch the frame rails to clear the axles, use top mounted camber plates to provide sufficient bump travel, and relocate some other suspension pick up points. Needless to say we have a set of revised extenders in the car and I’m looking into a new solution to fix our suspension geometry.

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