FXMD NSX up close and personal

I’ve gotten to know the Factor X guys this year, and I can’t help but be impressed. FXMD consists of about 5 guys working in a glorified storage unit while teams like Sierra Sierra have professional racing backgrounds and multi-million dollar budgets, yet the Factor X NSX manages to be the fastest Time Attack car in the country and possibly the world. Earlier this year I spent some time with them and the car and took a bunch of pictures while I was at it.

The car:

What really impresses me are the details. In addition to the skilled use of duct-tape and zip ties, the aero work is incredible. The exhaust routing and turbo location couldn’t be better. Even more surprising though is the stuff that hasn’t been changed. Suspension geometry is mostly stock. On a car like this you’d expect custom a-arms and billet uprights. I think they still have the stock bushings in the front suspension arms. Carbon fiber? More like sheet metal and alumalite. I think there’s even some wood on the car.

The big changes for this year were the color scheme and aero package. Andrew Brilliant of AMB Aero spent a lot of time on this car to generate more downforce and therefore grip. The rear wing has been completely redone:

A new rear diffuser has been built:

The front of the car has a new splitter and canards:

Most impressive, though, are all the tiny little sheet metal flaps and dams carefully constructed to control airflow. The splitter and canards are designed to create the maximum amount of downforce:

The vertical flaps on the roof are to guide air to the rear wing:

Even the fenders create downforce:

Also note the flap on the leading vent to aid air extraction from the coolers.

Moving to the engine bay, here you can see the semi-dry sump oil reservoir, and an intake plenum wrapped in reflective tape to keep IATs low:

The heart of the motor is a sleeved, bored, and stroked honda block fed by a VERY large turbo-charger (twin-scroll GT40R if I’m not mistaken):

An AFI air-water intercooler takes car of the charge air:

And E85 is used for fuel to keep temps down and power up. On high boost the car makes somewhere north of 800 horsepower to the rear wheels. Here’s lead mechanic “Fez” feeding it some booze in the sexiest pose I could get out of him:

Here’s driver Billy Johnson (who also spends tiime in grand am and nascar) marveling at the hood prop:

And here’s the high tech dash board:

Next race for the NSX is the GTGP at Laguna Seca Oct 22-23, and then Superlap finals in November. I hope some international time attack cars show up to challenge them.

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  1. Sick post. Was thinking of going out to Laguna seca actually that weekend. Check out my blog on my progress through auto x. Fujinracing.com Good shit =)

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