Redine Time Attack Cal Speedway

This past weekend was the 4th round of Redline Time Attack, and took place on the Roval course at California Speedway in Fontana. We were there once again with the Robispec/RRE modified class EVO after a night of no sleep prepping and tuning the car at Road Race Engineering. We made a few changes for the event, which included a new straight pipe 3.5″ exhaust dumping out the passenger rear door, a rear diffuser, and some vents for the front fenders. Oh, and also a new Garret GT40R twin scroll turbo to replace the 35R.

Here you can see the exhaust dumping out the carbon door skin:

These guys look like they could use some sleep:

On the dyno:

Dyno Video:

By the time I had the bumper on and fixed a slight oil leak it was time to load up the car and head to fontana. Saturday didn’t go well as we kept blowing off intercooler pipes and I was exhausted. Here’s a picture Kyle Lewis of NWautoevents took of me working on the car:

Thanks to Scott Vanderheide of Fontana Nissan I procured a new silicone coupler that held together. The car was finally on track for the first afternoon session and seemed to be running well. However, when Nils came in to check tire pressures the coolant temp was off the charts and I got a slight feeling that we were in trouble. I sent him out for some cool down laps and had fans and water to dump on the front of the car in the garage. The car was sputtering in the last session and we left it with Scott and Mike of RRE to troubleshoot, and went to sleep.

The next morning the car was still sputtering and was running hot. My suspicions of a blown headgasket were confirmed when I had to add nearly a gallon of water to the radiator after two laps around the track. I torqued the headstuds down to 100lb-ft and hoped it would hold together for one timed lap. Unfortunately this was not the case and Nils had to limp the car back in after getting one solid pull around the banking to start what would have been a very fast lap.

So now we get to pull the motor out and apart. Before the next event we’ll have a better cooling package, o-rings in the head, a new ignition system, a fuel cell, and probably quite a bit more power.

For more coverage, check out the redline time attack website and

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