Redline Time Attack Round 1

This past weekend was the first round of Redline Time Attack, which took place at Buttonwillow Raceway outside of Bakersfield California.

We were there with the white and orange robispec evo I’ve posted about previously. It’s looking really good:

Plus it’s reasonably fast. The unfortunate part of the weekend is that we experienced some electrical issues which were causing the car to sputter, stall, and not start. We actually had to be towed off the track at some point. Thankfully Mike at Road Race Engineering and I were able to trace it down to a short in the wiring to the MAP sensor, which caused the boost reading to the ECU to fluctuate randomly. By splicing another maps sensor directly into the ECU we had the car running great. We also had the catch can, which was tiny and vents to atmosphere, blowing oil all over the engine bay. After I installed a secondary catch can we finally had the car running reliably, although down on power. Logs showed we were only making 19psi on what we thought was our medium (25psi) boost setting. That put us down to less than 500whp, which for mod class isn’t quite enough. The winning Cobb GTR was making nearly 800whp, while the LIC/Takata STi that took 2nd by 0.5 seconds was making over 550. So, all and all a pretty good first race weekend for the car, especially since we didn’t break anything, like quite a few other cars this weekend.

Moving on from our car, there was lots of other cool stuff out there.

A very fast FWD convertible eclipse that unfortunately broke a transmission:

A very fast FWD scion:

Some minis:

A nice supercharged exige:

Widebody turbo S2000

Here are the fastest mod class cars lined up

And there were a few hellafunctional stickers out there:

My full gallery is located here

Results are on the redline time attack website

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