Redline Time Attack Season Preview

A new season of Redline Time Attack is ready to begin, and it should be a good one. Time Attack is a form of Time Trails racing. Most of the cars are imports built by tuner shops, so giving it the name “Redline Time Attack” gives it more appeal to kids or something like that.

Anyhow, there were some changes to the rules and management of the series this year, which will hopefully be for the best. The four classes are Enthusiast, Street, Modified, and Super Modified. These classes are further divided into Front, Rear, and All Wheel Drive categories. In enthusiast class the cars need to remain mostly stock, with some suspension, tire, and slight power upgrades allowed. Street class has much more lax rules on power output, with the only requirement being unleaded fuel. Tires, suspension, aero, and weight reduction are all restricted. Modified allows much more freedom as far as power, weight reduction, aero, and tires go, and in Super Modified (formerly known as unlimited), just about anything goes.

As it happens, I’m involved in the preparation and maintenance of quite a few of these cars, the most recent being the white and orange EVO I posted about a few weeks ago. I was actually out finishing up some wiring to get it running yesterday.

I’ve also done some work to these cars:

and, to a lesser extent (alignments and such) these cars:

The first event is at Buttonwillow raceway just outside of Bakersfield, CA, on March 26-28th. For more info, check out the following links:

Redline Time Attack website
Time Attack Forums
An article like this one only slightly better

I’ll be at the majority of the time attack events this season, and you’ll be seeing a lot of hellafunctional stickers out there.

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