Robispec Time Attack EVO IX

Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here. Partially because I was out of town for a few weeks. And then after that I was pretty busy working on some race cars. One is this evo 9 that is soon to be a modified class time attack car:

On the power side the car already had a well built motor being fed by a GT35R. On race gas that’s good for over 600whp.

On the chassis side, we gutted the interior and added a roll cage:

The car is getting a very nice voltex widebody kit to fit massive tires, as well as lightweight robispec carbon rear door skins:

My favorite part, however, is the suspension:

Those are JRZ 4-way adjustable dampers, which cost about $13000.

We should have this thing all finished within the next few weeks so expect another update with more details then.

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