Time Attack Weekend

Last weekend was the series finale of the Redline Time Attack racing series. For those not familiar with Time Attack, it’s a time trial series with somewhat vague rules. This means there are always interesting and creative cars. It’s divided into Street, Modified, and Unlimited classes by drivetrain configuration.

Street class stays relatively tame due to aero, tire, and weight reduction limitations, but power is essentially free so you end up with the occasional car with 800 or so hp, like the Reese Tuning evo and the KBR Eclipse.

Here are some street cars lined up:

some mod cars:

and some unlimited cars:

There were even some girls there:

I was there helping out with this Z and a few evos:

My friend Clint Boisdeau was racing his Focus, and is the Street class FWD champion:

Here’s Jon Drenas of HB Speed in his EVO:

Steve Ruiz of Stoptech and GMG:

John Lindeman sporting a hellafunctional sticker:

Matt Andrews trash talking with JC Meynet:

And Billy Brooks, who appears unamused:

Billy Johnson turned out to be the fastest car out there in the FX Motorsports NSX, followed closely by the AMS EVO, Sierra Sierra, and the GOTO-racing GTR. In mod class Ryan Gates won AWD, and JC squeaked by Matt in the S2000 by a mere 0.08 seconds. The full results are here:


One thought on “Time Attack Weekend

  1. all of the cars in the pics have flush wheels, doesn’t mean they aren’t functional? and they are all lowered, i’m confused.

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