SLB videos part 2 – ltd/unlimited

Part one of videos (street class) is here.

1:59.602 – Moti Almagor in the Blackbird Fabworx Miata:

1:55.467 – Tom Tang before the diff broke, 3rd URWD

1:51.789 – William Au-Yeung – PZtuning RSX new LFWD record

1:48.118 – Graham Downey in the Blacktrax S2000, 3rd place Limited RWD

1:47.474 – Rob Walker in the Limited RWD Evasive FRS:

1:47.425 – Emilio Cervantes in the Angry Panda FFTEC EVO, 2nd place Limited AWD, also faster than previous record:

1:44.062 – Jeff Westphal – Professional Awesome/Fortune Auto evo

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