Mode Racing Genesis

If you haven’t heard of Billy Brooks, then you don’t get out much. He’s practically a celebrity, and even owns the domain Anyway, he happens to have a hyundai genesis time attack car that makes it out to the shop fairly often. Tonight we put some stickers on it:

As you can see it has some parts like white wheels and red brakes and white stickers.

In this picture we have the elusive Billy Brooks:

and of course, the hellafunctional sticker:

To come a little more specific on the car, it’s been built to compete in the redline time attack modified class and possibly some other racing serieses. The suspension is from JRZ, brakes are from stoptech, the tuning is from HB speed, and the R888s come from toyo. There are probably some other sponsors I’m missing. Like Hyundai I suppose.

4 thoughts on “Mode Racing Genesis

  1. hi guys, where can i buy that kind of big sticker banner on the side that says ’82 time attack’. look nice… thax

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