Super Lap Battle 2012 Preview

Superlap is only a few weeks away and is shaping up to be a good one. From what I am hearing the turnout will be very good with the potential for new records in every class. The car with the best chance of setting a new overall record and going into the 1:39s is the current record holder, the Factor X Motorsports Development NSX:

That’s the picture from last year, and since then they have made a few improvements. The big upgrade is switching to Borg Warner’s largest EFR turbo, the 9180, and they say the new tune resulted in nearly 1000rwhp, or about 100 more than the previous setup. They have also made some as-yet unseen changes to the aero parts. FX has been running this car for a very long time and usually makes a strong showing at SLB, so I’m expecting a lot from these guys. Their main competition at the event is looking to be GST Motorsports, with their Impreza L:

The L has ran a full season of time attack this year, touring the country and setting lap records. This has given them plenty of track time to develop the aero and suspension setup and work out any other kinks. However, they have a brand new nearly untested differential setup, some new aero parts, and while they have been able to show up at new tracks and clean everyone’s clock at GTA this year, here they might be the underdogs. However, they have a new tune making tons of power so I think it is going to be close.

Other unlimited competitors include Tony Szrika in the newly re-vamped UMS EVO, Travis “sauce bauce” Barnes in his Snail Performance WRX, and Evasive in a very nice looking Scion FRS.

The FRS looks incredible, but unfortunately doesn’t have the power to hang with the likes of FXMD. With not much more than 200hp, I’d expect times in line with the faster street class cars. Also rumored to be entering the unlimited class is JC Meynet in his OMG racing STi, but I’m pretty sure this was just made up by Loi Song of Sportcar Motion on facebook. As the current mod class record holder, he has probably the best chance of being competitive right off the bat. One car that I hear will not be making an appearance is the Team America R32 GTR that was recently shipped to China instead of Australia and missed WTAC. I’m not sure if it’s due to scheduling conflicts or rules or what, but it is a car that I’d like to see take some laps around Buttonwillow (or anywhere, for that matter), because so far it’s just been a lot of picture and talk on the internet.

For Unlimited FWD, I’m not quite sure what to expect. Christian Rado and World racing seem to have been working on a Mercedes lately so I’m not sure the F-wing will be making an appearance. There are a number of other fast FWD cars out there such as the Top Setup CRX and a civic World Racing has been helping out with.

Moving onto limited class, we have a new competitor with Professional Awesome. Currently, the top cars in this class are JC Meynet, Evasive Motorsports (who sometimes competes in unlimited), Ryan Gates, and 034 Motorsports. Up until last week, PA was a leading street class car, and along with new tires have made some other changes they aren’t willing to share. If I had to guess I would say weight reduction, bigger splitter, full flat bottom, and better control of air at the front of the car (fender vents, louvers, canards, ducts for the coolers etc). At least that’s what I would have done… I’m not sure who’s going to show up or which class they will be in, but any of them has the potential to win and set a new track record. I think that the biggest factor in the class this year will be tires due to the new Hankook Ventus TD, which is faster than the Toyo R888 and Nitto NT01.

Last year, Sportcar Motion took the mod FWD record from Andrew Brilliant’s Eclipse, and will most likely be back to try to better their previous time. I’m fairly certain the Eclipse won’t be there, but it sounds like Doug Wind is bringing out his SRT, and these two cars are going to be very close.

Last but not least (well, maybe not even last because I think there’s going to be an enthusiast class plus hybrids) is street class. There are two potentially record setting AWD cars that will not competing. Professional Awesome is moving up to Limited and Novak Racing’s widebody GC had an unfortunate incident involving fire. Snail Performance will have a couple of street cars out but I can’t say for sure who else will be there. RWD is looking to be a little more exciting with a trio of S2000s from momofoolio/Novak, Prima Racing/Tuner Playground, and Evasive.

FWD also sounds like it will be good with a number of Honda’s coming out looking to take down the current record, which is held by Clint Boisdeau in a Ford Focus. Needless to say the Honda community is not happy about it.

For more information here are GTA and SLB websites.
All of the current records can be found here

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