Cyber Evo 2012 build

If you haven’t heard of the Cyber Evo, you probably don’t pay much attention to Time Attack. It is possibly the fastest car in Time Attack and was the development platform for the Voltex body kit:

Notice how I said “was.”

After winning the World Time Attack Challenge in Australia two years in a row, rumors were the car was retiring. Those turned out to be untrue, but for some reason the Voltex kit is gone and they are currently in the process of building a new aero package with help from C-West. Some pictures have made it to the Cyber Engineering facebook page:

Things started out simply enough with a new bumper and fenders. Then they started making additions of their own:

Looks like they plan on making it three for three at this year’s WTAC. Looking forward to seeing more.

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  1. Takizawa and Nakajima had disagreements and so now they are working seperately. Also, it is now Garage HRS who are maintaining the car, instead of Unlimited Works.

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