Turn in Concepts STi

The guys over at Turn in Concepts are sponsoring a few redline time attack street class cars this year. One of them happens to have placed first at both Chicago and Tennessee (although they don’t get quite as many street class entries as we do out here), and I came to notice  a very cool sticker on the back of the car:

To go along with that sticker are a whole bunch of parts designed to make the car faster around the track, that are available from Turn in Concepts, or TiC.

Highlights of the build include the following:

-TiC’s custom AST shocks
-A whole bunch of whiteline parts
-A whole bunch of TiC parts
-CP Forged pistons
-Rotated 30R
-Awesome stickers

And now here’s a video:

More info on the car can be found here:


2 thoughts on “Turn in Concepts STi

  1. I found this feature while looking for Anti-“flush” cars for a thread on D-series.org.

    I love the blog, and love the sticker. Where can I buy some of these decals? It would be a pleasure to support this cause.

  2. I found this blog on crsx.. any way i could get one of your stickers? or do we have to be sponsored or have a race-car? let me know please, very interested.

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