Turn in Concepts STi

The guys over at Turn in Concepts are sponsoring a few redline time attack street class cars this year. One of them happens to have placed first at both Chicago and Tennessee (although they don’t get quite as many street class entries as we do out here), and I came to notice  a very cool sticker on the back of the car:

To go along with that sticker are a whole bunch of parts designed to make the car faster around the track, that are available from Turn in Concepts, or TiC.

Highlights of the build include the following:

-TiC’s custom AST shocks
-A whole bunch of whiteline parts
-A whole bunch of TiC parts
-CP Forged pistons
-Rotated 30R
-Awesome stickers

And now here’s a video:

More info on the car can be found here:


RobiSpec 08 STi

The other day I was doing a little work on Robi’s 08 STi. By a little work I mostly mean driving everyone to lunch and standing around, but hey, I built some of the rest of the car and kept the shop open until 2:30am so we could finish it.

The basics of the car are this:

Weisco pistons
FP HTA green
APS turbo inlet
Perrin FMIC
Perrin headers/up-pipe
3″ v-banded straight pipe exhaust
PWR radiator
AST shocks
robispec swaybars
Enkei NT-03s with 275- Toyo R1-Rs
custom aero work
Hmm… there should be some whiteline stuff in there too.

Anyway, the goal of the day was to install and oil cooler and replace the piece of crap mishimoto radiator with a nice part from PWR. Here are some pictures of that:

Scott’s time attack STi

Scott VanderHeide is perhaps the most sponsored man in street class. Off the top of my head there’s aem, fp, robispec, hbspeed, snow performance, act, ast, motul, subtle, cosworth, enkei, toyo, and of course, jamalspec. As you can see from the following pictures, Scott is running low on sticker space, and I’m surprised he can even see out the windshield:

Clearly I’m going to have go and take some pictures my self if I want anything high-res. Anyway…

Scott races his 05 STi which has, as you may have guessed, a fairly long list of parts. Motor parts by cosworth. turbo is an HTA green. With water injection and 100-octane fuel that’s good for almost 450 wheel horsepower.

Putting the power to the ground and keeping this 3500lb fatty on the track are Toyo RA-1s and a set of new AST 2-way shocks with external reservoirs. Helping keep the car flat are 27mm whiteline swaybars and a roll center adjuster. The immediate future plans for this car are to lose weight and sort out a few power delivery issues. After barely making it through the last event due to exhaust leaks and boost control issues, it’s due for some new gaskets and more time on the dyno. Additionally, the oil cooler core must be replaced due to an unacceptable loss in pressure. Some new gauges from AEM will also be installed to keep a better eye on operating conditions out in the very hot track conditions experienced in Southern California.

A Ford Focus?

If you live in the United States, you probably recognise the Ford Focus as a generic small car. If you live in Europe, you might think of it as a great sport compact and WRC champion. My friend Clint has a Focus, and it is certainly not your common commuter.

Clint’s Focus is mostly a race car. I say mostly because you might occasionally find it driving around west la or maybe up on malibu canyon roads. On racing slicks.

Like I said, the real purpose of the car is the race track. Clint is an instructor and has been racing in the Redline time attack series. To do this racing, the car has a whole boatload of parts you wouldn’t even expect to be available for a Ford Focus. A big, big list of Cosworth engine parts, a GT2860RS turbo,  Bilsteins, big Brembos, and a roll cage round out the short list. He also has help from his dad, Focussport, HB Speed, and RobiSpec. Even with a low budget compared to some other FWD street class cars, Clint has managed to podium at both California events this season, even while running the “H” sticker.