The GST L is back. And it’s BAD

Mike from GST just posted a photoshoot of the new 2011 car. Highlights include a chopped top, some revised aero, weight loss, and a slight drivetrain relocation. To top it off, rumors have it this L is taking the trip to Australia later this year to compete at the World Time Attack, and in the meantime the GST crew will be gunning for Sierra Sierra’s 1:41.01 record lap at Buttonwillow CW13. I expect one of the first appearances by this car will be at the inaugural Global Time Attack event at Willow Springs May 22nd.

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FXMD NSX up close and personal

I’ve gotten to know the Factor X guys this year, and I can’t help but be impressed. FXMD consists of about 5 guys working in a glorified storage unit while teams like Sierra Sierra have professional racing backgrounds and multi-million dollar budgets, yet the Factor X NSX manages to be the fastest Time Attack car in the country and possibly the world. Earlier this year I spent some time with them and the car and took a bunch of pictures while I was at it.

The car:

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The guys over at Factor X Motorsports in Las Vegas have made some big changes to the car for this season. I was out there at the last time attack and they were all very great to hang out with and incredibly hospitable, as they allowed us the use of their shop to fix out car, and fed me pretty much the entire weekend. Here’s the video they made at the event:

A super lap battle qualifyer is this weekend in vegas, so we’ll all be out there again and it should be a lot of fun.

Robispec Time Attack EVO part 2

A few weeks ago I posted about a nearly complete evo race car. Well, here’s the rest of it.

Installing the body kit:

Giant wing:

dash ready to go in the car:

We also removed the ignition switch and a pile of wiring from the car, so I made a nifty little remote start button and ON and ACC switches.

Then the suspension and new wheels needed to go on. In addition to the JRZ 4-ways, we also installed our Robispec spherical bearing kit for the car, camber/caster plates, and a roll center kit.

To carry on with the general color scheme we decided to powdercoat the valve cover:

Here’s the car on it’s new wheels, which are 18×10.5″ with 285 BFG R1s. We’ll have to put less sticky tires on for time attack:

Loaded up on the trailer and ready to do some testing along with our 370Z:

action shot from Streets of Willow:

The track day was a Redline time attack test day, so coverage is up on the RTA website here:

Redline Time Attack article

As well as the speedtv site here:

Speed TV article

Robispec Time Attack EVO IX

Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here. Partially because I was out of town for a few weeks. And then after that I was pretty busy working on some race cars. One is this evo 9 that is soon to be a modified class time attack car:

On the power side the car already had a well built motor being fed by a GT35R. On race gas that’s good for over 600whp.

On the chassis side, we gutted the interior and added a roll cage:

The car is getting a very nice voltex widebody kit to fit massive tires, as well as lightweight robispec carbon rear door skins:

My favorite part, however, is the suspension:

Those are JRZ 4-way adjustable dampers, which cost about $13000.

We should have this thing all finished within the next few weeks so expect another update with more details then.

Mode Racing Genesis

If you haven’t heard of Billy Brooks, then you don’t get out much. He’s practically a celebrity, and even owns the domain Anyway, he happens to have a hyundai genesis time attack car that makes it out to the shop fairly often. Tonight we put some stickers on it:

As you can see it has some parts like white wheels and red brakes and white stickers.

In this picture we have the elusive Billy Brooks:

and of course, the hellafunctional sticker:

To come a little more specific on the car, it’s been built to compete in the redline time attack modified class and possibly some other racing serieses. The suspension is from JRZ, brakes are from stoptech, the tuning is from HB speed, and the R888s come from toyo. There are probably some other sponsors I’m missing. Like Hyundai I suppose.