Carl’s new rally car

I think everyone is in agreement that GC coupes are about the coolest cars Subaru ever made (sidenote- the actual chassis code is GM; GC means sedan, GF means wagon). Here’s a nice open class widebody rally car built by Carl Siegler out in Minnesota. I sent him some hellafunctional stickers awhile back so hopefully a couple make it on the car…

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WRC Turkey

WRC turkey took place this past weekend, and as usual Sebastien Loeb took the win. I’m really not a fan of Seb, but I am happy that Petter Solberg has been doing so well this season, with three straight podium finishes (2nd in Mexico, 3rd in Jordan, 2nd in Turkey), which puts him second in the driver’s championship. I can even get over the fact that he’s driving a citroen. So congrats Petter on a great start to the season. However, the real reason I made this post was for this video:

Notice how the wheel goes flying off shortly after he landed.

For more information about the WRC, check out and the WRC youtube channel.

Group B Rally

In 1982, FISA created a new class of rally called group b. The limitations were that the vehicles had to be production based, with a minimum of 200 homolgation models, and weight to displacement limitations. This opened the door for awd cars and turbo- and superchargers. Audi started up the insanity, and won the championship right off the bat in 82. Lancia, which was still running a 2wd car, managed to win it in 83, and by 1984 Peugeot, Renault, Ford, and Porsche all had group B cars in the works. By the end of 85, the Lancia Delta S4 and Audi Quattro S2 were making somewhere in the 600+ horsepower range. After Henri Toivonen, his co-driver, and a number of spectators were killed, the series was banned partway through 1986. Here’s a nice video:

15 minutes of awesome

Here’s Petter Solberg setting the stage record for Ouninpohja in Finland in 2004. The record still stands since it was the last year they ran the stage in full. Even after they split the stage in two, and then added chicanes, the averages speeds were too fast and the wrc no longer uses this section of road. The average speed over the course of this run was 81mph.