Tokico Shock Clearance Sale

We usually don’t do much of this, but we do have another site that sells parts called Function Auto and part of the plan is to use this website to help out the business. One of our distributors is clearing out their stock of Tokico shocks and struts and we figured a blog post was easier than making a whole bunch of new parts and categories. So anyway, after going through all their stock we came up with a price list.

Tokico basically makes three different performance shocks- the HP “blue,” the Illumina, and the D-Spec/ HTS. The Illumina, D-spec, and HTS all have an adjustment knob, but the Illumina only has 5 clicks and a narrower range. The D-spec and HTS are basically the same shock, and offer more adjustment than the illumina with 8-clicks, and can handle slightly more spring rates.

If you’re interested in ordering a set, there are two ways to do that. The first is to send an email to Peter at Mention your car and which parts you’d like, and we’ll send an invoice that allows you to pay with paypal or just a credit card. Or if you want to skip the back and forth, you can just send money directly by using this link: Be sure to mention the car make/model/year and shipping address. Then the shocks will ship the next business day (or possibly even the same day).

Here’s what we’ve got, these are complete sets of 4 shocks/struts, with no additional cost for fees or shipping in the lower 48:

product Application Price
HP Subaru WRX sedan 02-03 (fits 04-07 with adapter) 318
D-spec Subaru WRX 02-03 510
HP Ford Mustang 87-93 Foxbody 232
Illumina Ford Mustang 87-93 Foxbody 370
D-spec Ford Mustang 87-93 Foxbody 436
HP Ford Mustang 94-04 SN95 250
Illumina Ford Mustang 94-04 SN95 366
D-spec Ford Mustang 94-04 SN95 462
Drag Ford Mustang 94-04 SN95 382
HP Ford Mustang SN95 cobra IRS 250
D-spec Ford Mustang SN95 cobra IRS 458
HP 90-94 Mazda Protege, 323, escort 260
Illumina 99-03 Mazda Protege 410
HP 03-03 Mazda 6 184
HTS 06-15 Mazda Miata NC 388
HP 06-15 Mazda Miata NC 270
HP Chevrolet Cavalier 95-04, Pontiac Sunfire 256
D-spec Chevrolet Cavalier 95-04, Pontiac Sunfire 428
HP Chevrolet Camaro 82-92, Pontiac Firebird 234
HP Chevrolet Camaro 67-69, monte carlo, chevelle, etc 150
HP Chevrolet Corvette 89-96 C4 176
HP BMW 3-series 85-91 E30 188
HP Honda Civic 1988 212
HP Honda Civic 89-91 206
HP Acura Integra 90-93 210
Illumina Acura Integra 90-93 342
HP Honda Civic 92-00, Integra 94-01 non ITR 212
D-spec Honda Civic 01-02 not si 466
HP Honda Civic 06-10 coupe only 350
HP Honda Accord 90-97, Acura CL sold out – rear pairs available
Illumina Honda Accord 90-97, Acura CL 96-99 340
Illumina Honda Prelude 92-01 342
HTS Honda Fit 07-09 700
HTS Acura TL 04-08 414
HTS Scion xB 04-08 476
HTS Scion tC 05-10 548
HTS Lexus IS300 01-05 482
HP Toyota Camry 92-94 214
HP Toyota Camry 95-96 286
HP Toyota Camry 97-02 282
HP Toyota Corolla 93-02 298
HP Toyota Corolla 03-07 265
Illumina Toyota Supra 93-98 338
HP Mitsubishi Mirage 93-03 258
Illumina Mitsubishi Eclipse 95-99 AWD 326
Illumina Mitsubishi Eclipse 95-99 FWD 334
HP Dodge Neon 00-05 282
HP Nissan 240SX 95-99 S14 270
Illumina Nissan Maxima 95-99, I30 386
HP VW MKI Jetta, Rabbit, Cabrio Scirocco 208
HP VW MKII Jetta, Golf 85-90 non-sealed front strut 208
HP VW MKIII Jetta, Golf, MKII 90-92 sealed strut 238
HP VW MKIV Jetta, Golf, Beetle 248
Illumina VW MKIV Jetta, Golf, Beetle 368


There are also some front/rear pairs and truck shocks that we’ll list later. And it should also be noted that there are no returns or refunds on this stuff. If you are not sure if something will fit, ask us first. We can also track down stuff like springs, top mounts, adjustable suspension links, swaybars, bushings, etc, if you’re looking for things to compliment a set of fancy new adjustable shocks.


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