Super Lap Battle Predictions

Since Daniel O’Donnell (driver of the Professional Awesome EVO) already wrote a preview article about Superlap battle for motoiq, I figured it was kind of pointless to do my own halfassed version of the same thing. Instead I’m going to make my own lap time predictions based off previous times and pure guesswork.

We’ll start slow and work up to the faster cars. That means Enthusiast is first. I forsee Craig Peyron winning overall with a high 1:57, a time that would put him firmly in the Street AWD field. Powei Huang, current E-RWD record holder, should hang onto his title and knock off a few tenths in the battle of E36 M3s.

1 – 1:57.9 – Craig Peyron – Robispec / Yimisport STI
2 – 2:02.x – Michael Cruz – Massimo EVO
3 – 2:03.8 – Tony Fuentes – Evo X
1 – 2:00.x – PoWei Huang – Bobs Donut M3
2 – 2:01.x – Amir Bentatou – StanceWorks M3
3 – 2:07.x – Chris Reber – Mustang GT
4 – 2:08.x – Rif Dagher – M3
1 – 2:03.0 – Pradana Willianto – Evasive/SCM Acura CSX

In Street FWD, Ken Suen holds the current track record of 1:58.9 but Big Red won’t be at the event. Instead he will be piloting his freshly turbocharged “dark knight” Acura RSX. The entry list only has one challenger- Chris Boersma from Canada in a Civic. I think experience will win out here with Ken taking the win, and likely a new record.

1 – 1:58.1 – Ken Suen – SCM RSX
2 – 2:01.x – Chris Boersma – Boersma Racing Civic

Street RWD has a much larger field with 9 entries. Defending champion Evasive Motorsports will not be there with the record holding S2k, but I’m favoring another S2k to take the win.

1 – 1:55.5 – Ryan Houeck – Counterspace Garage S2000
2 – 1:57.x – Ricky Kwan – R’s Tuning BMW M3
3 – 1:59.x – Rob Walker – Mackin Industries Scion FRS
4 – 1:59.x – Will Wattanawongkiri – Nissan 240SX
5 – 2:00.x – Mike Kang – CounterSpace Garage Subaru BRZ
6 – 2:00.x – Ron Chang – R’s Tuning BMW M3
7 – 2:05.x – Ashton Stander – Hillbank Mustang
8 – 2:06.x – Andrew Nier – Nier Racing Group Ford Mustang GT
9 – 2:07.x – Terry Liu – Air Rex Nissan 370Z

In street AWD we also have a full field of 9 cars, including defending champions Massimo Power. My prediction is that they are going to win again and better their previous time with Mark Jager coming a close 2nd. The rest of the field will be closely grouped few seconds back in the 1:57-2:00 range, meaning those steak knives could go to anyone on here.

1 – 1:54.0 – Brian Bengali – Massimo Power EVO
2 – 1:54.3 – Mark Jager – Jager/Yimisport STI
3 – 1:57.x – Spencer Li – R’s Tuning Nissan GTR
4 – 1:58.x – Taylor Wilson – Snail Performance 09 WRX
5 – 1:58.x – John Carson – KTMotoring/Robispec/ETS EVO
6 – 1:59.x – Matt Dennison – RRE/Robispec EVO
7 – 1:59.x – Breck Haggerty – AQ Motorsports STI
8 – 1:59.x – Todd Earsley – My Shop Assist EVO
9 – 2:01.x – Istvan Klag – Night Motorsport STI

Moving onto Mod/Limited, we are getting into some really fast cars and the potential for new records all around.

In Limited FWD I’m seeing a close battle between Tim Kuo in the Sportcar Motion Integra and Doug Wind in his SRT-4. SCM won the event and set a new record last year (1:54.7) but I think Doug is going to pull off a close win.

1 – 1:53.9 – Doug Wind – Windspeed SRT-4
2 – 1:54.1 – Tim Kuo – Sportcar Motion Integra
3 – 1:59.x – Tony Jackson – Eibach Civic
4 – 2:00.x – James Houghton – R Division Integra
5 – 2:01.x – Kevin Courtney – Bobby Lane Accord
6 – 2:06.x – Craig Utter – JDMspeedshop Civic

In Limited RWD, Platteform AG is the defending champion and favorite to win and reset the record. And I’m not just saying that because they’re rocking a hellafunctional sticker. In testing they are rumored to have broken the overall LTD class record of 1:48.550 (set in 2010 by JC Meynet) and I am inclined to believe it.

1 – 1:47.7 – Platteform AG M3
2 – 1:52.x – Ricky Kwan – R’s Tuning S2000
3 – 1:54.7 – Adam Knapic – FRSport 240SX
4 – 1:55.x – Kevin Parlett – SOHO Motorports G35
5 – 1:59.x – Tom Tang – Blacktrax/Tunerplayground S2000
6 – 1:59.x – Rob Walker – Evasive FRS
7 – 2:00.x – Cody Kishel – Kishel racing M3
8 – 2:04.x – Ben Leung – A&J Racing BRZ
9 – 2:04.x – Derrick Lee – A&J racing BRZ
10 – 2:05.x – Larry Chen – Speedhunters 240Z

Limited AWD is what I am looking forward to the most, with a number of cars capable of taking the win and setting a new record. Ryan Gates has traditionally had bad luck at this event but this might be his year. With a well developed platform and the best power to weight ratio, he’s the person to beat here assuming the car stays together and he remembers his way around the track.

1 – 1:47.0 – Ryan Gates – Gates 311 EVO X
2 – 1:49.5 – Michael Chang – Evasive EVO
3 – 1:49.9 – Clint Boisdeau – Novak Racing GC Impreza
4 – 1:50.5 – JC Meynet – AQ Motorsports STI
5 – 1:53.1 – Tim Pu – R’s Tuning GTR
6 – 1:53.5 – Zhong Cheung – FFTEC EVO
7 – 1:54.0 – Justin Bordonaro – KT MotoringMitsubishi Evo 8
8 – 1:55.x – Ivo Mitkov – Renner Motorsports GC Impreza
9 – 1:56.8 – Roy Narvaez – RD Engineering GTR
10 – 1:59.x – Alex Lewandowski – JDM factory EVO

Now that leaves me with Unlimited. On the GTA entry list page things are looking pretty sparse but I’m expecting FXMD and GST to show up. Forge Motorsport looks to be the only car in FWD and I think they will be able to turn a time in the low 1:50s. In AWD we have some newcomers from Raceco in Utah- one is the old Cobb GTR with new vinyl and the other is an Audi R8 so the class should be interesting, even without GST. For AWD I see things going like this:

1 – 1:43.1 – GST Motorsports
2 – 1:45.5 – Raceco GTR
3 – 1:48.x – Raceco R8
4 – 1:50.x – Texas Dave – Rally Ready EVO
5 – 1:50.x – Anthony Szrika – UMS Tuning EVO
6 – 1:52.x – Travis Barnes – Snail Performance WRX

In RWD we have an M3 from R’s tuning signed up. I have no idea what this car is like or what kind of times it will turn. But if FXMD shows up they’re going to reset their record from last year and I’m going to be bold about my lap time prediction:

1 – 1:38.9 – Billy Johnson – FXMD Acura NSX
2 – 1:5x.x – Siyu Chen – R’s Tuning M3

Finally, since time attack cars are high strung, finicky machines, the possibility of catastrophic engine failure is fairly high. Here are my picks, in no particular order, for the most likely cars to blow up:

Ken Suen’s RSX
Rally Ready EVO
Forge GTI
Platteform AG M3
Gates311 EVO X
JC Meynet’s STI

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