Buttonwillow CW13 Time Attack Track Records

1:37.520 – Billy Johnson – Factor X Motorsports Development NSX

AWD – 1:50.206 – Mark Jager – Jager Racing / Yimisport 06 STI – 11/14/14
RWD – 1:51.259 – Rif Dagher – Plattform A.G. C7 Corvette – 11/14/14
FWD – 1:55.602 – Ken Suen – Godspeed/SCM Civic – 11/14/14

AWD – 1:44.062 – Jeff Westphal – Professional Awesome EVO – 11/14/14
RWD – 1:44.456 – Cody Kishel – Excelsior Corvette – 11/14/14
FWD – 1:51.789 – William Au-Yeung – PZtuning Acura RSX – 11/14/14

AWD – 1:38.976 – Jeff Westphal – GST Motorsports Impreza – 11/14/14
RWD – 1:37.520 – Billy Johnson – FXMD NSX – 12/8/13
FWD – 1:46.736 – Chris Rado – World Racing Scion – 3/28/10

15 thoughts on “Buttonwillow CW13 Time Attack Track Records

  1. FWD – 1:58.921 – Ken Suen – Godspeed/SCM Civic – 2/17/13

    The had a superlap on this date? or was it GTA

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