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Times to beat at Superlap battle

Superlap is in a few weeks. Here are the current class records: Street AWD – 1:54.725 – Alex Peng – Massimo EVO – 11/7/12 RWD – 1:53.990 – Rob Walker – Evasive S2000 – 11/7/12 FWD – 1:58.921 – Ken Suen – Godspeed/SCM Civic – 2/17/13 Modified/Limited AWD – 1:48.550 – JC Meynet – AQ […]

Buttonwillow CW13 sub-50 club

It used to be that going faster than 2:00 was REALLY fast at buttonwillow CW13. It’s still an impressive benchmark, but there are more and more cars that will do that off the lot. I recall a stock GTR going 1:55 a couple years ago at the hands of Billy Johnson, so now I have […]

Willow Springs top 40 time attack cars

Updated 10/2014 01 – 1:18.555 – Billy Johnson – FXMD NSX – U-RWD – RTA 2009 02 – 1:19.317 – Jeff Westphal – GST Impreza – U-AWD – GTA 2011 03 – 1:20.454 – Jonathan Bomarito – SSE EVO – U-AWD – RTA 2009 04 – 1:20.838 – Tyler McQuarrie – C-West S2000 – U-RWD […]

Buttonwillow CW13 track records

Here are the updated Buttonwillow Track records after Superlap/GTA Final 2012. New records in bold Unlimited AWD: 1:41.046 – David Empringham – SSE EVO RWD: 1:40.379 – Billy Johnson – FXMD NSX FWD: 1:46.736 – Christian Rado – World Racing FWING Scion 1 Modified AWD: 1:48.550 – JC Meynet – OMG/AQ STI RWD: 1:50.755 – […]

Willow Springs top 20 update

This weekend was the first Global Time Attack event, and my time attack records list has a couple of new updates: New additions are in bold. The GST Impreza cranked out a 1.19 and Mike Warfield says the car is only running at a portion of it’s full potential due to the drastic changes made […]

Willow Springs Top 20 Time Attack Cars

THIS POST IS OUT OF DATE. Please go here: http://hellafunctional.com/?p=490 I tracked down all the time attack results since 2007 thanks to Mike Bonnani (you got BONNANIED!) who’s in charge of the course records section on the time attack forums and has kept impeccable records since the start of time attack in the US. Nik […]

Buttonwillow Top 20 Time Attack Cars

I’ve recently noticed that it is very hard to track down results and times from past Time Attacks, especially the Redline events. Buttonwillow is what many consider the most important venue for time attack in the country, and you would think it’d be easy enough to find a database of lap times from there. Turns […]

FXMD NSX at Superlap

Here’s the Factor X Motorsports Development NSX running an 1:41.9 at Buttonwillow CW13: They’d go much faster on their usual Yokohama slicks, and perhaps also quicker on Hankook C91s. They made an attempt later in the day when the track was slower on the C91s and said they were on a faster pace when a […]