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GTA Super Lap Battle results

Went through some more time sheets, think I have everything right: New records in bold. Enthusiast FWD 1 – 2:01.314 – Pradana Willianto – Evasive/SCM Acura CSX Enthusiast RWD 1 – 1:58.338 – Rif Daghter – M3 2 – 1:58.458 – Amir Bentatou – StanceWorks M3 3 – 2:01.680 – PoWei Huang – Bobs Donut […]

Times to beat at Superlap battle

Superlap is in a few weeks. Here are the current class records: Street AWD – 1:54.725 – Alex Peng – Massimo EVO – 11/7/12 RWD – 1:53.990 – Rob Walker – Evasive S2000 – 11/7/12 FWD – 1:58.921 – Ken Suen – Godspeed/SCM Civic – 2/17/13 Modified/Limited AWD – 1:48.550 – JC Meynet – AQ […]

Buttonwillow CW13 sub-50 club

It used to be that going faster than 2:00 was REALLY fast at buttonwillow CW13. It’s still an impressive benchmark, but there are more and more cars that will do that off the lot. I recall a stock GTR going 1:55 a couple years ago at the hands of Billy Johnson, so now I have […]

Willow Springs top 40 time attack cars

So due to popular demand I made this list longer, and updated it with the results from recent Shift-Sector/GTA and Redline events. I suppose one of these days I could go through some nasa or other events but due to the big rules differences and number of events that will be a little difficult. So […]

Super Lap Battle 2012 Preview

Superlap is only a few weeks away and is shaping up to be a good one. From what I am hearing the turnout will be very good with the potential for new records in every class. The car with the best chance of setting a new overall record and going into the 1:39s is the […]

People you should know: Matt Dennison

On thing I’ve been meaning to do for a long time is feature people from the motorsports world who I arbitrarily decide deserve extra attention. Matt Dennison, who I’ve known for a couple years now, is one such person. Matt has a pretty cool evo that he uses to drive the kids to school and […]

Superlap Battle 2011 Results

Unlimited AWD 1. 1:55.771 – Anthony Szrika – UMS Tuning EVO 2. 2:05.861 – Tarzan Yamada – Crawford STI Unlimited RWD 1. 1:40.981 – Tyler McQuarrie – FXMD NSX Unlimited FWD 1. 1.47.394 – Chris Rado – World Racing Scion FWing 2 2. 1:59.477 – Andy Hope – CRX 3. 2:05.280 – Richie Ho – […]

Buttonwillow CW13 track records

Here are the updated Buttonwillow Track records after Superlap/GTA Final 2012. New records in bold Unlimited AWD: 1:41.046 – David Empringham – SSE EVO RWD: 1:40.379 – Billy Johnson – FXMD NSX FWD: 1:46.736 – Christian Rado – World Racing FWING Scion 1 Modified AWD: 1:48.550 – JC Meynet – OMG/AQ STI RWD: 1:50.755 – […]

Global Time Attack Autobahn results

GTA Autobahn was last weekend. I unfortunately couldn’t make it out to Chicago, but here are the results: Unlimited GT AWD P1: Jeff Westphal – GST Motorsports Subaru Impreza – 1:23.594* P2: Tony Wiesenhahn – TurninConcepts Subaru WRX – 1:28.974 P3: Ryan Upham – Mitsubishi Evo VIII – 1:31.445 P4: Tony Szirka – UMS Tuning […]

The Underdogs 2011

My friends at LIC Motiorsports in the bay area have a new video out: http://blip.tv/theunderdogs/2011-special-5427267 “almost had me? you never had me. you never had your car.”