New records at GTA Superlap Battle 2016

SLB was another good one this year and there are some new track records, here they are

Street AWD
new record: 1:49.864 – Cody Miles – Airlift STI
old record: 1:50.206 – Jager Racing sti

Limited FWD
new: 1:49.834 – Chris Boersma – Boersma Racing Civic
old: 1:51.789 – Will Au-Young – PZ Tuning RSX

Unlimited FWD
new: 1:43.365 – Will Au-Yeung – PZ Tuning RSX
old: 1:45.585 – Dai Yoshihara – Spoon Sports Civic

Full results can be found here on the GTA website

All track records have been updated here

GTA Superlap Battle 2015 unofficial results

Been watching facebook and the live feeds and here’s what I’ve come up with. New records in bold.

Unlimited RWD:

01 – 1:41.925 – Cody Kishel – Corvette Z06
02 – 1:45.541 – Graham Downey – Blacktrax Honda S2000
03 – 1:49.958 – Tom Tang – Honda S2000
04 – 1:57.468 – Danny George – Mazda Miata
EX – 1:56.700 – Ryan Novak – Ferrari 360

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Superlap predictions

No times this year, just top three in street, mod, and unlimited regardless of drivetrain.

1. GST
2. Lyfe GTR

1. Cody Kishel
2. Professional Awesome
3. Zhong Cheung or John Carson

1. Mark Jager
2. Craig Peyron
3. Rifster Rif

I think Cody and Mark will set new track records. GST will be fast, but not record breaking (1:40.0?). FXMD will be at another event in January trying to better their record.

Superlap Battle media roundup

This post was getting too big so I split all the videos into two new ones:

Street and enthusiast class
Mod and unlimited

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