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Subaru Shifter FAQ

I’ve been asked about shifter upgrades a few times lately and decided to post something here. This is the first draft. Here is a diagram of the shifter: The “shifter bushings” you always see advertised are the parts that replace parts D and E. They are on either end of the rod that attaches between […]

Superlap media roundup – mod and unlimited

These videos are from mod and unlimited class at the 2013 GTA Superlap Battle

Superlap media roundup – enthusiast and street

As you might have figured out from the title, this post has all the videos from street and enthusiast class from the 2013 GTA Superlap Battle

Superlap Battle media roundup

This post was getting too big so I split all the videos into two new ones: Video: Street and enthusiast class Mod and unlimited Pictures: Official GTA galleries Photo gallery 1 by JDM zipties Photo gallery 2 by JDM zipties Stanceworks Gallery Attack the track write up Speedhunters Gallery

Super Lap Battle Predictions

Since Daniel O’Donnell (driver of the Professional Awesome EVO) already wrote a preview article about Superlap battle for motoiq, I figured it was kind of pointless to do my own halfassed version of the same thing. Instead I’m going to make my own lap time predictions based off previous times and pure guesswork.

Cyber Evo 2012 build

If you haven’t heard of the Cyber Evo, you probably don’t pay much attention to Time Attack. It is possibly the fastest car in Time Attack and was the development platform for the Voltex body kit: Notice how I said “was.”

This week in videos

Well I certainly have been lazy about getting new posts up on here. I suppose that happens when you start a business to try to make money. Anyhow, it’s spring and that means more motorsports. In the last few weeks we have had Global Time Attack’s season opener and Buttonwillow, some NASA race weekends, Formula […]

things you should know about knock off parts

I’ve been following a thread on the Subaru forums for a couple weeks now about a guy who bought a header from a company called Batlground Motorsports in Atlanta. While Batlground claims that this header is their own production, it appears to be made by a place called privatelabelmfg, which may or may not actually […]

NASIOC’s Top Scoob – race car edition

Top Scoob is a monthly contest put on by the member’s car gallery section of the NASIOC Subaru forums. Normally I don’t pay it too much attention because that particular section has a lot of people who are more into looks than performance, to put things nicely. This month is a bit of an exception […]

Subaru BRZ GT300

And for comparison, here’s the new BRZ GT car as shown on autoblog